Open for Submissions: Augur Magazine

by Nyctophilia


Augur Magazine is open to submissions October 1-November 15!

Take a look at our guidelines and send us your best. We can’t wait to read them! But please note, we are currently accepting original, unpublished works—we are not taking reprints at this time.

We are also currently looking for First Readers to help us out. Send us an application before October 7 if you love reading and creating compassionate spaces!


(Although we always love surprises)

We’re looking for dreamy realism, literary speculative fiction, and all forms magical realism or slipstream. We accept YA and adult pieces, and possibly children’s as well (more likely for comics than otherwise). Our perfect submission defies categorization—pieces that could be “too speculative” for canlit magazines or “not speculative enough” for speculative magazines. That said, we’re no strangers to rich realism, high fantasy, and science fiction, so if you have think you match our tone, give us a try. We recommend checking out our preview issue, free online, to see what we’ve published before.

Things we’re not interested in include: gross-out or gratuitously violent horror, horror that uses neurodivergence or mental health as horror, comedy that punches down, stories that are “speculative” because a non-marginalized group suddenly experiences what it’s like to be a marginalized group (e.g. a man “has to live with sexism”, a white woman is suddenly “treated like a woman of colour”), stories that have not been copy-edited, anything that uses sexual trauma/any trauma as a plot device, casual or blatant misogyny/bigotry/racism/etc., or otherwise insensitive pieces.

We accept multiple submissions (specified in the category breakdowns) and simultaneous submissions on the condition that you inform us if the piece is accepted elsewhere. Our goal is to respond to all submissions within eight weeks. Please query two months after the submissions period ends.

If you submit and do not receive a verification email within four days, please resubmit citing the lack of a verification email. We do this all by hand, so there’s room for human error—but submissions have been known to not make it to our inbox before, and we’d rather hear from you than not.

All text submissions must be formatted in standard manuscript format and submitted in .doc format. We strongly prefer pieces be set in in Size 12, Times New Roman or Times font.

Send submissions to with the subject line indicated in the given genre’s instructions.

Finally: If you fit into our guidelines, don’t self-reject! Submit, submit, submit!


If you are comfortable doing so, we encourage our prospective authors to declare any intersectional identity they identify with in their cover letter, so we may be informed as we select pieces for our issues. That said, we acknowledge that the current socio-political landscape does not often reward the disclosure of marginalized standpoints, and so we by no means expect or require this from our writers. If you do choose to disclose, we will treat this information as confidential, and it will be used for no purpose other than helping us as we put together issues that fulfill our mission of representing intersectional voices. And, if your piece is chosen, we will not out you in words you have not used about yourself publicly. We’re about representation, not presentation.

What “counts” as intersectional? We’re not in the business of deciding whose identity is valued, so it’s up to you to decide, but common declarations might include: LGBTQ+, visible minority (broadly stated or specific), disabled, assault survivor, women, immigrants, class standing, etc.

We do accept submissions from non-intersectional and non-Canadian writers. However, these submissions will never dominate our magazine, and our editorial preference will always skew towards intersectional, Canadian and Indigenous/Aboriginal creators. If you are a non-Canadian, non-intersectional creator, please consider carefully whether your submission matches our tone and goals before you submit.

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