Call for Submissions: Bad Dream Entertainment

by Nyctophilia

Bad Dream Entertainment: Horror/Humor Anthology
They are looking for horror fiction with a touch of comedy and while most themes, subjects and settings are welcome, standard genre tropes like vampires, zombies, werewolves, anything Cthulhu are discouraged. They do not want reprints but first-time English translations are acceptable.
Deadline: 31 December 2018
Length: 1,500-5,000 words
Pay: $0.06/word

Submissions Are Open For A New Horror/Humor Anthology

For our first new anthology of short fiction after a two year hiatus, Bad Dream is now accepting submissions of humorous dark fiction. Editor Brett Reistroffer is looking for original horror fiction with a strong sense of comedy, and most themes, subjects, and settings are welcome but standard genre tropes are definitely discouraged (vampires, zombies, werewolves, anything Cthulhu, etc.). The comedic aspect can be goofy and slapstick or black and morbid, just as long as there are equal amounts of darkness and humor. Horror has always been fertile ground for that unique juxtaposition and it’s exactly what we are looking for, so check out the specifics in the guidelines below and send in your best original horror humor.

**UPDATE: Please make sure to read the guidelines before submitting; this is a horror/humor anthology, meaning that stories should have elements of both. Straightforward horror stories will NOT be considered, you’re just wasting your time (and ours) by submitting ones without humor or comedic elements.**

**12/4/18 UPDATE: Response times have been adjusted to 6-8 weeks for submissions. Our inbox now has much the same effect as opening the Ark of the Covenant, so, that’s fun.

-Stories should be between 1,500 and 8000 words in length, a few hundred on either side is fine, but if you have something significantly longer then you should inquire first through our regular contact email.

-We’re not afraid of blood, sex, and bad words but we’re also not interested in purely exploitative work. If you’re using graphic material make sure it has a point and serves the story.

-The deadline for submissions is December 31st.

-Multiple submissions are allowed, but limited to a maximum of two. You can submit additional stories after receiving responses for current submissions.

-Simultaneous submissions are allowed, but please, please let us know as soon as possible if a submission is accepted elsewhere while still in our queue.

-We are looking for original fiction only, no reprints. First-time English translations are acceptable, however.

-Submissions should be in standard manuscript format, with contact info and word counts on the first page. File types should be in .doc, .txt, .odt, or .rtf only. We don’t accept submissions in PDF format.

-Payment for accepted stories will be $0.06/word, and Bad Dream Entertainment claims First Rights for electronic and print mediums (in English only). All authors included in the anthology will also receive royalties, split evenly from forty percent of the book’s gross sales profit.

-Response times will be between six and eight weeks unless the volume gets out of hand, and we will update everyone as necessary here and on social media if that is the case.

Send submissions to: submissions [at] baddreamentertainment [dot] com, and keep it creepy!

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